24Seven Electrical Service: Why do I need an Isolator Switch?

14233188_865015463600527_1831133729592378230_nWhat is the function of an Isolator switch and why should one be installed on your geyser?

An isolator switch is used to ensure that when switched off, all current is physically isolated on the line to the geyser when repairs are being done, or when a new geyser is being installed. This ensures that the person working on the geyser is safe and cannot be electrocuted.

It is a compliance necessity to ...

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Why do I need a Certificate of Compliance

This article is to explain the various certificates of compliance you can get and how each of them work.


It is compulsory to be in possession of a valid Electrical Certificate of Compliance when selling your home. The electrical certificate of compliance is valid for two years and only needs to be done when selling our apartment or house.  There is no need to have this done every two years. The Certificate of Compliance verifies that the electrical ...

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What to do if you have a burst or leaking geyser

Step 1:

You need to switch off your main water supply to your property the shut off valve is normally at your geyser and if you cannot switch it off there. Your shut off valve should be outside on your drive way can be on the left or right hand side.

Step 2:

Turn off your electricity for the geyser, to avoid your power tripping due to water on the wiring. Your geyser switch is located in your DB board.

Step 3:

Release pressure in ...

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The Mayans

The earliest known example of engineered water pressure was found in Maya City.
How the Maya used the pressurized water, is however unknown.

The city of Palenque was built around the year 100 in a constricted area with little land to build on and spread out to. By the time the cities population reached its limit, the Maya had saved precious urban space by routing streams beneath plazas, using precious urban space by routing streams beneath plazas using aqueduct like structures.

The ...

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One example is the amazing distribution of water in Machu Picchu.
What Machu Picchu is, is a minor archaeological site where due to the large number of visits, people are most likely to notice and point out aspects of the ancient water systems.

This amazing work of art is situated on the fringe of a mountain 2440 meters above sea level.

Some of the design work that went into the construction of Mach Piccu is even more advanced than what we have ...

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What causes a blocked toilet?

There are certain signs to look for if you have indeed a blocked toilet.

If it takes a long time for the water to go down, then it can only mean that something is blocking it.

If it won’t go down anymore and the water along with it just overflows out of the bowl, then this is a sign of a more serious problem as this indicates a bad clog.

There are many factors that contribute to a blocked toilet, and here are ...

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For Your Geyser To Last Longer

What is the function of an anode?
The function of an anode is to give additional protection to you geyser. An anode basically sacrifices itself in order to protect your geyser.

Most home owners are oblivious to the fact that anodes exist in the first place and are far less aware of the fact the anodes need to be replaced every 1 to 2 years.

The result is that once the anode has had its day, the Geyser itself will start to ...

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Most geyser claims occur in the colder winter months and more than likely your geyser is likely to burst in the early hours of the morning.

Should your geyser burst or show signs of leakage it is recommended that you immediately switch off the geyser at the trip switch located on your circuit breaker board and turn off the water to your premises.

Geysers burst for a number of reasons, most often because of human error – that is, poor installation, the ...

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Copper turns green because of a process known as oxidation which is the removal of electrons from the substance. Specifically, copper turns green because of something known as copper carbonate. However, the big question is: why does copper carbonate appear?
1.When a metal comes into contact with air or water, it undergoes environmental changes. In other words, it might rust or it might tarnish. Copper is a metal that tarnishes and turns green.
2. The plumber that worked previously on ...

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Plumbing Certificate of Compliance now Compulsory.

Did you know from the 1 April 2011 that every house that is sold or purchased needs a plumbing Certificate of Compliance?

This entails the following:
1)The Hot Water Cylinder is plumbed correctly and installed to SANS Standards.
2) The water meter is not running constantly and is reading when the water is opened on the property.
3) There are no leaking taps or pipes
4) All the pipes are secured in the roof space.
5) There is no cross connection ...

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