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Proud Sponsors of the Gordons Bay – Strand Fun Run

On the 7 August 2011, it was a cool crisp morning as the 24Seven Plumbing team started setting up for the fun run. Fingers red and cold all was ready for the first runner to come around the bend.

With the Helderberg mountain staring down at the race, the ocean waves echoing in the distance, we were ready and excited to start refuelling the runners.

Positive lively music was in the background as we all stood armed with water and coke to hand on to the thirsty and tired runners. We were all amped and excited to see the first runner come around the bend, 10 minutes later and we felt like a small house at the mercy of a tidal wave as the other runners began to pass the bend.
No matter how many runners there were, we ensured that we were well equipped with water sachets and coke cups. Every runner was greeted and encouraged. Every runner that wanted water was given a sachet, (even though half of us had to run after a few of them to ensure they received a quench to their thirst). One participant enjoyed our water-point enough to stop and do a dance for us. Amid the many “good mornings” and “thank you`s”, true reward was found in being a part of such a fun event. Plumbing is an industry often tailed with cliché, but being part of the fun-run echo`d a story that Plumbing can bring so much more to the table than geysers and pipes.